Village on the Green Civic Association
Ewing, NJ 08628



The Village on the Green Civic Association was formed with some of the following goals:

To promote communication among neighbors;
To represent Association members on Township, County, and State issues that affect the neighborhood;
To advance civic and social interests; and
To provide a forum for discussion of civic issues.


Upcoming Event : Ewing Twp Planning Board Meeting - Thursday, Aug 7th (7:30 pm)
OPUS/Princeton South is looking for Final Board approval for building research/development lab building and greenhouse for FMC corp. Labs are for Chemical Agricultural Research /Biopolymer Manufacturing. These buildings are in place of the three proposed restaurants. This new facility will back up to the new Jefferson condo complex being built by American Properties. See attached plans (click here).
Upcoming Event : Special Zoning Board Meeting - August 26th (Lifeties expansion)
Hopefully testimony will be completed during this meeting and the public will be granted time to present their opinions to the Board.
VGCA News:
  • We have a new Vice President, Kim Welebir and a new Secretary, Dawn Gabriel.
  • Please welcome them to the Civic Association Executive Board
  • The Mark Lane connector is now Open !!
Neighborhood Advisory:  
At 8:15 AM today, November 17th, one of our neighbors on the lower end of Rockleigh Drive had an suspicious incident where 2 men stating they were police officers knocked at her door.  They showed her a picture of someone and asked if she'd seen him. They each came in regular cars. When they were leaving another man came from the side of her house and walked behind them to a third car. Each got into a different car and drove away.  She followed up with a call to the Ewing police, but they indicated they had no idea who the men were. An officer went to the house and took information.  The police said they would keep an eye on things.

If you see any suspicious activity or have any similar incidents, please report it to Ewing Police immediately.

Important Notices & Updates:
Opus/Princeton South Corporate Park
Atchley Tract
  • Opus is currently developing the 108 acre Atchley Tract with 6 office buildings on the eastern side of the property, and a hotel and upto 4 restaurants along the western portion of the property.

  • A new road, Charles Ewing Blvd is being built to accomodate the traffic from this development and connect Rt. 31 with Lower Ferry Drive

  • Opus/Princeton South Website (

Life Ties Group Home Expansion - 2205 Pennington Road

Lifeties House

Lifeties Location

  • Currently home to Youth Group Home (upto 12 kids ages 12-18)

  • Looking to add 15 additional units including apartments for young adults (ages 18-23) on a residential lot

  • Upto 27 kids in two buildings on a Residental property

  • Exempt from Local and State taxes, but USE Ewing Township services

  • Receives up to $2Million in State and County funding (source: 2006 tax return)

  • 52 police, 12 fire calls in the last 2 years, just for Youth Group Home (source: Ewing Twp Police Records, 2005-2007)

MENTOR Group Home - 15 Rockleigh Drive


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